Shoes by Tiga

AlexandLianne’s video for Shoes by Tiga.

Tiga "Shoes" from AlexandLiane on Vimeo.

I like that sound.


Future Death Finds Rare Creature

 Cryptids EP - Future Death, Bloodmoss Records, BM009
Future Death. Cryptids EP, Bloodmoss Records, BM009

You can’t hold it and I can’t rip you a copy or show you the cool booklet art but I swear the new EP by Future Death exists and I’ve heard it. Cryptids shifts back and forth between digital sound collages and pulse-pounding rock and roll. Tracks like “Hunnu,” “Mender Bender” and “Sibilate” click on the listener’s imagination as a noise grid, warp that grid and populate it with jagged sound sculptures, and then bury them in a box.

On the rockin side, “Tarot Nites” shows the band flexing their melodic and rhythmic skills with Bill Kenny unleashing digital thrall and Jeremy Humphries catching and tying those flaying strings of noise to Alton Jenkins’ syncopated beats. Angie Kang multiplies her vocals across the ever-shifting sound that you think is lost but then you realize you were wrong and it just took you a minute to find it.

If I think about how this EP captivated me with pulsating sounds and made me want to dance, then it rocks. But there was also the feeling that something had sprung from another’s imagination flashed across my path, given me an uncanny image and now I can’t quite grasp what I heard. And I liked what I was unable to grasp.