Solstice Festival 2016 Preview

Solstice Music Festival starts with parties at the Mohawk, Scoot Inn, Empire Control Room, Spiderhouse Ballroom and other venues around town June 17th. The flyer for Saturday is listed below.
Telenovela plays the Sahara Lounge on Friday.

The main shows start at 12:00 on Saturday June 18th at Pan Am Park in Austin, Texas.

Riders Against the Storm play the Sun Stage at 2:15 pm.

Ume play the Sun Stage at 5:00 pm.

The Bishops play the Pyramid Stage at 12:22 pm.

And Octopus Project play at 9:00 pm at the Pyramid Stage.

There will also be food trucks and activities to celebrate the sonic solstice. Here is the full line up:

time-slots solstice


lostinthewoods episode 2

Episode 2 features an interview with R. Ariel talking about her book that documents her North American tour,

Prince Rama discussing Top Ten Hits at the End of the World and Xtreme Now

and a review of Jenny Hval’s Apocalypse, Girl.

lostinthewoods episode 2

Path 2 – You Will Never Rest On It


It’s not that hard to explain, my baby axe nice with glass and patron and it’s summer but I don’t know. My baby comforts me from psycho nightmares and reminds me that although life isn’t easy, we can be inspired by Sigourney Weaver and that makes me feel better.

1. Sigourney Weaver – John Grant
2. La Vida No es Facil – Ximena Sarinana
3. Scott Get the Van, I’m Moving – Cayetana
4. Psycho Nightmare – Daniel Johnston
5. Breakbeast – Babeo Baggins
6. The Camera Track – Realistic
7. Computer Granma – Hiromushi
8. Summer, But I Don’t Know – Mathematique
9. Glass & Patron – FKA Twigs
10. Explosion – Jubilee
11. My Baby (Axe Nice) – Mannequin Pussy
12. You Belong – Slime Girls
13. Not That Hard to Explain – Heartsrevolution

Path 1 – Born In Flames


You can try to take pictures of the enchanted monkey leaping from branch to branch through the vermilion colors. Heed the warnings to stay in step, express yourself and listen for the cosmic enchantress. She’ll remind you of the -isms that plague us, remember where we were born no matter how many reflections or prizes we see or where we are. Keep running and feeling.

1. She He See Feel – Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa
2. Supernatural – Phedre
3. Whenever, Wherever – Minnie Ripperton
4. Prizewinning (Prince Rama Remix) – Juliana Barwick
5. Two-Way Mirror – Doomsquad
6. Born in Flames – The Red Krayola
7. Consumerism – Ms. Lauren Hill
8. Bruja Cosmica – Malportado Kids
9. Now is the Time for Emotion – Prince Rama
10. Disco/Very – Warpaint
11. Green and Gold – Lianne Lahavas
12. Hanuman – Total Unicorn
13. Picture This (Felicita Remix) – Kero Kero Bonito