Worship the Sun

Solstice ATX 2016

Today we celebrated the sun being the highest in the sky at Pan Am Park. There was fresh juice, African food and an air conditioned gym with boxes of drums and noise makers. During one of the music switch-overs, I wandered into the gym and ended up playing drums with members of the Bishops and Heye Minds.

The sun punished us but we continued dancing and rocking, hiding in the little pools of shade like nervous lemurs. We only emerged lured by the sound drums or guitars.
megafaunarockMegafauna jammed riffs over poly-rhythmic sludge.

rasrockRiders Against the Storm got the crowd to move under the solar rays.

umerocksUme hailed the sun with driving progressions and head banging.

We huddled together under trees and tarps and celebrated our harsh master the burning sun.


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